Aiding Salem County residents obtain needed training

Aiding  Salem County residents obtain needed training

What problem does it solve? From 2014 to 2017 approx.725 Salem County residents laid off.Salem County residents tend to stay in Salem County. Certified Production Technician in demand occupation.Certification program taught at Cumberland County College not Salem County College. Distance from Salem County College to Cumberland County College approx. 45 minutes. Due to not enough riders, no bus rte from Salem County to Cumberland County College. What is your solution and who does it apply to? When I visited Cumberland County College in 2017 I saw many buses that belonged to Cumberland County College sitting idle. My solution is have someone drive a Cumberland County College bus from that school to Salem County, pick up the Salem County students in Production Technician Program, bring them to and from Cumberland County College Monday through Friday or whenever the program's class days are. What is the anticipated impact? 1. Salem County residents/students get more accustomed to traveling outside of Salem County. 2.Aids Salem County residents in getting to training site. 3.With job demand/employer credential Salem residents more able to find job with pay that allows them to be self-sufficient. Reduces number of unemployed in Salem County.


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