Relieve Income Tax on POC of Slave Ancestry - For Life

Relieve Income Tax on POC of Slave Ancestry - For Life

What problem does it solve? Besides alleviating the obvious moral injustice, this is a heavy weight against the baked-in systemic roadblocks many POC face. An easy one to point out is the dollar's gatekeeping for access to quality education. What is your solution and who does it apply to? My solution is to permanently relieve the state income tax on POC with slave ancestry. To all currently living and all born over the next 50 years. To be direct: this is a reparation. What is the anticipated impact? This will put new dollars into individual bank accounts creating fiscal security in areas where that is currently a pipe dream. As well: pump money back into the economy, create new streams of cash where none could exist earlier. This will also act as an incentive for people to move to New Jersey, exponentially growing the state's total economy. POC Entrepreneurs will have an incentive to move their businesses here, creating jobs. There are thousands of POC of slave ancestry that exist on the border of Poverty and Middle Class that would be pushed into the Middle Class. They will be the first in their families to own property, send children to or attend college themselves, start businesses- finally grasp the American dream they've been caustically denied. The short term impact of expense will transform into a massive net gain over generations, ultimately creating a stronger and fairer New Jersey for everyone.


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