Stop Socioeconimic Classism -Discrimination against the poor

Stop Socioeconimic Classism -Discrimination against the poor

What problem does it solve? Many state job titles require a 4 year degree unrelated to the field of work. Only permanent employees qualify for benefits including tuition reimbursement. For many people in the poor working class, higher education is not affordable. This resolves the inability to advance careers or obtain permanent status. It will promote equal opportunity employment/promotion based on ability or quality of work and not solely on unrelated credentials. What is your solution and who does it apply to? My solution is to use standardized testing or equal evaluation based on ability and/or quality of work. This applies to all employees not in a permanent title or who are unable to be promoted based on lack of a college degree. What is the anticipated impact? This will provide better morale, job security and retention for employees given the ability to qualify benefits and hope for advancement. It also provides opportunities to take courses related to actual job duties (improving performance) rather than taking unrelated courses solely for the purpose of obtaining a degree. Improves sense of pride and value amongst peers. Improves health and overall wellness.


For many people in the poor working class, higher education is now free. Thanks to Governor Phil Murphy’s Community College Opportunity Grant program.

Community College being free doesn't get you a 4 year degree. It can also be tough for Low Income people to work and go to school. Colleges have turned into a business and hold less weight in my opinion. Being able to just go by a test that actually relates to the job title is a much better way of evaluating someone. You shouldn't need a degree to do some of these jobs.

Experience is as valuable, or in some cases more valuable, than a four-year degree, especially in a major unrelated to the job.

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