Workflow Management System

Workflow Management System

What problem does it solve? Currently, a majority of office units utilize paper-based processes which decrease productivity, reduce transparency and foster a lack of accountability. We intend to save resources by automating workflow processes, reducing paper usage, reduction of printer supplies, and storage space for physical documentation. We want to streamline our approval processes by reevaluating each program’s business needs. This will ensure old polices are retired and creates room for new innovative ideas. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Our office will utilize an application that will benefit multiple business units to streamline various workflows by increasing process efficiency and decreasing processing time. The Workflow Management System is an in house created SharePoint application that hosts Online Centralized information management intranet tool that helps automate and streamline simple to complex business processes. A user will gain access to the application by secure login to the sites Home Page. There they will see all their requests at a glance. The user will have access to approval histories, workflow summaries and an advanced reporting feature. What is the anticipated impact? We anticipate the entire department will benefit by automating business processes. Many programs have expressed a sincere interest in having their processes evaluated and modernized. The system will incorporate several business and technical benefits to office units such as: • Single Sign-On- users will no longer need several user id’s and passwords. Once the user has logged in, they are also logged into the system • Replace multiple, independent tracking systems with one centralized information management system. • Configurable Architecture- each workflow can be configurable to the user’s business needs • Better accountability and transparency • Attachment Capability- Attach almost any document to a workflow • Outlines areas for improvement • Contact multiple sources through one form simultaneously A workflow can decrease processing time by half and increase productivity 60-70%


This is a functional system that eliminates paper, saves time and allows for electronic signature / tracking. One of the recent DOH applications in the development phase is for the outside activity questionnaire - a document required for every state employee. Imagine the benefits!

An exceptional idea! Please include me on your team if you make it to Stage 2. As an IT person, I have often found that accusations against a computer system being incorrect often lead to discoveries of issues and problems revolving the manual procedures and workflows that incorrectly use the system. When those issues are corrected, people are more accepting and embracing of the use of the system. There is another idea on this site that requests that employees be consulted on system designs.

Nancy/Bonny - At DEP we are also developing a web application for electronic submittal of the Outside Activity Questionnaire. We are almost ready to roll it out. Please contact me if you would like more information!

This is great! Post 283 might be able to help in the design process for this idea. It converts paper forms to simple, javascript programmed PDF forms that connect to data sources as a design tool for prototyping digital government processes and cross agency connections. It deploys a rapid functional prototyping process to control design costs for digitizing complex and antiquated government systems. And, it uses familiar tools to deeply engage employees and users in the design process as they

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