Contest for N.J. students to develop State government app

Contest for N.J. students to develop State government app

What problem does it solve? App development for State agencies. The administration's transition planned called for one app for all State government services. What is your solution and who does it apply to? If OIT has not already started to work with Rutgers IT on a State government app, as suggested in the transition plan, OIT, the Dept. of Education and the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education could hold a statewide contest for students to develop the app. There could be two categories of eligible participants -- high school students and college students -- and students could enter on their own or as a group (might want to limit group size). Perhaps a N.J. company would be willing to donate prize money to benefit the high schools or colleges of the top app developers. The top app overall could be the State universal app and then runner-up apps could be used by an agency with tech needs that would not work well with the universal State app. The contest also could require the app to have options for students, young adults, middle-aged individuals and seniors so agencies can tailor their content to reach the maximum audience. What is the anticipated impact? The contest would draw attention to N.J.'s innovate students and schools, while advertising the State's universal app when the winner is announced (publicity event announcing winning app(s) could take place the day the app is launched). It also would encourage high school and college students to learn more about State government and how it impacts them, their families, and every N.J. resident. If students made an app that also included information on the Legislature and Judiciary, they would learn about all three branches of government. Counties and local governments also could use the runner-up apps or contact local students who participate to develop custom apps, which would further students' knowledge about how government works at all levels.


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