Ease inflated spending

Ease inflated spending

What problem does it solve? The states over spending and excessive financial drain What is your solution and who does it apply to? When soliciting industry for state projects, industry companies should be reminded that they themselves contribute in part to state and federal taxes when considering cost bidding for the project. That being said, they should be reminded that rather than considering a state contract as a cash cow, to consider that if they bid high or overinflate cost or consider going over deadlines with overtime, that their own taxes will need to compensate for the increase or overage at some point in the future. As evidenced by the 2 million needed per mile of roads in NJ as an example where the median cost per mile in other states is in the hundreds of thousands and not millions. This applies through out state funded projects, and influences weather or not projects get done or even completed. A better oversight of spending is needed to ensure advantage is not being taken of the system inappropriately. What is the anticipated impact? A decrease in over inflation of infrastructure maintenance and minimizing the need to increase taxes and other state revenue sources which effect the community with a domino effect on overall need for higher taxes.


Better timely planning with communication between Departments to prevent costly re-due issues. Also consider hiring local companies where the project is located .Hiring a contractor 100 Miles away from the project can reduce the work time spent each day in half

Well-meaning, but major corporations usually escape paying anywhere near their share of taxes: underbidding with huge cost overruns overwhelmingly outweighs any cost in taxes either the corporation itself, or any of its executives, might pay, and they don't care about much else.

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