What problem does it solve? Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving is THE biggest shopping day of the year. By removing this as a state holiday Gov. Christie stopped many state workers from shopping on this day, which would have brought in millions in state tax revenue. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Solution is reinstating Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving as a state holiday. This applies to ALL state workers. What is the anticipated impact? Increase in sales tax revenue to the State of NJ.


New Jersey Putting Families First would be one of the ways to do this. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend time with family during the holiday. Family members spend time traveling all over the US and many countries to spend the day with family members. Although, I am not a heavy Black Friday shopper, it does fuel into the economy during this day. I recommend doing a cost benefit analysis in terms of how much the state can generate in revenue during that that day.

I would rather have this day than presidents day off.

As a shopping day it is not as vital as prior to days of Internet shopping. Despite that having Friday off would make me a bit more thankful!

Many workers take off from work anyway, why keep offices open when so few people will actually be working?

it would bring more to the economy so people can spend money and help the state

It would increase revenue and would provide a cost savings on electricity as people wouldn't be in the building; boost morale; employees are paid whether the state is open or closed.

Yes, Black Friday fuels the economy and it does have a definite impact on raising funds for NJ. I do support bringing it back for 11/19.

Put this day in place instead of Columbus Day.

I highly recommended. ✌️.Yes, if need be, please take Columbus day and give us the day after Thanksgiving, instead.

Take the day off if you want the day off. Millions from just state employees?? How is that possible and how much would be spent out of state

Many other states have the Day after Thanksgiving as an official State Holiday. New Jersey should also have it as well. It would promote more family time, plus it still is one of the most popular days to shop, which in turn would provide much needed additional sales tax revenue for the State. It is an easy win-win proposition to add Black Friday as another State Holiday permanently. Legislative action would be needed to pass the initiative as laws currently stand.

It should be reinstated as per previous agreement. I wouldn't want to trade any other holiday to receive it though.

Reports show that a majority of Black Friday shopping is done on-line so this doesn't really make much of an impact on improving things for the State. Additionally, we have insane taxes already in NJ. Why would increasing sales tax make anything better? Gas taxes were raised a few years ago. That hasn't had nearly the impact that it was promised to do.

If it were offered as a paid holiday wouldn't the State be paying the salaries of folks who aren't participating in any revenue generating work in hopes that those employees would be spending their salaries on retail offerings located here so NJ could get the taxes? Seems like a bigger cost than potential reward.

The agreement was we give up one of our presidents days for black Friday. So you took the extra day from us and still took black Friday from us. So we lost two days off. Why would you want to give another one of our holidays???? Just give us back black Friday. and leave everything else alone!

It is true that not many people are in work that day and would save on utility costs for that day and would create the tax revenue. I'm all for it!

I think it would be good for our economy especially as a consumer. I completely agree with trading this day off of work for the people's advantage rather than some other holidays. Many families come together at this time of year to spend time together, one more day together, a longer weekend, especially for school children... sounds good to me.

I am very much in support of this, for the potential revenue that will be generated and as a boost to employee morale and appreciation.

Thanksgiving is about family. It's difficult to travel to spend time with family if you can't get off work the next day. So this would be a great idea. after all, at DCF we are all about family.

Maria Nunn-Ling Trading Black Friday for Lincoln's Birthday was never an "agreement". During the negotiation of the 2007-2011 CWA contract, the Corzine Administration offered that swap. CWA refused, wanting the status quo of both holidays. Two years later (still Corzine), legislation took away Lincoln's Birthday with nothing in return. I don't understand why this was not addressed in the 2019-2023 agreement, since it is something a lot of state workers have asked CWA to bargain for.

I'd rather keep the Oct holiday and switch election day for black Friday. If the politicians are afraid to do this, the State could poll the employees. If the majority agrees, the politicians have nothing to worry about. (My understanding is this day was never a legal NJ State holiday. It was up to the governor to sign an executive order every year.)

Reinstating Black Friday would definitely benefit the state’s revenue, while allowing state workers to spend time with their families. In 2018, Black Friday was still the most popular shopping day of Thanksgiving Weekend, with 116 million saying they planned to shop that day, vs. 76 million on Cyber Monday. Reinstate Black Friday indefinitely without sacrificing any existing state holidays. State workers are hard workers an deserve every holiday there is.

i completely disagree with having this day - its not a holiday for one and most shopping is done on line anyway, plus the holiday is 3 to 4 weeks later - plenty of time to get shopping done. Now i would trade it for columbus day for sure.

This will indeed increase revenue and boost economy.

While a lot of Black Friday shopping is done online, we as State employees are not able to use State computers to do the shopping. Also, Black Friday is not just about shopping, the day after Thanksgiving is a day you spend with out of State family and children home from college. As well as recovering from all the Holiday stress.

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