Consolidating state phone lines

Consolidating state phone lines

What problem does it solve? It is often confusing to get needs met (Whether it is for a basic service, or something urgent--I believe there are currently multiple suicide hotlines). What is your solution and who does it apply to? There should only be one hotline to call if you need something from the State of NJ and cannot find it online (311 but for New Jersey. 211 may be the most appropriate platform to build off of). All current phone lines should be consolidated, and the state should set up a triage system from that initial point of entry. What is the anticipated impact? Hopefully the state would save money and residents would have an easier time calling for information or for assistance.


This is a good idea. Perhaps, there can be a consumer focused line and then something for businesses, maybe through the Business Action Center, if that does not already exist.

Not in agreement considering the current problem many are experiencing when contacting various agencies, etc... that have various extensions: NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE OWNERSHIP AND AS A RESULT THE CUSTOMER GETS PASSED AROUND AND CONCLUDES WITHOUT GETTING DIRECTIONS, FEEDBACK OR PROBLEMS RESOLVED!

It will add to the current dilemma, getting passed around as no one will take ownership of the issues at hand

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