Monitor Quality Healthcare in DOC

Monitor Quality Healthcare in DOC

What problem does it solve? Ensures the state is receiving the healthcare services paid. When you hired Rutgers staff to oversee the unit that audits the Rutgers contract what do you think is happening? This is the only office that i have ever worked in that promotes hires non clinical staff to evaluate nursing care. The culture needs to change from not evaluating inmate care to reviewing indepedently without influence without fear of reprimand to expecting the best possible healthcare for every tax dollar spent. Thank u. What is your solution and who does it apply to? 1. Remove the HSU from DOC 2. Close my Unit all staff lay us off Yes I am asking to be laid off after 5 years of hitting barrier after barrier as ling as leadership is Rutgers auditing Rutgers nothing will change. If the vendor ie Rutgers UCHC can pay their medical director 358k a year than they can afford to properly staff the prisons with QUALITY nursing staff. After years of frustration someone is asking for data....really? DOJ must be the ones asking. Quality care does not mean more money its so dam simple follow Njac 16A, hold the vendor accountable not with worthless CAPS ,but with Engaged leadership, not non clinical employees monitoring RN staff ...running out of space ­čśÉThis is fixable. As a RN i have walked to my car shaking my head in disbelief at soooo many incidents. What is the anticipated impact? A Culture Change. Indepedent Monitoring Inmates health and safety improved A DOC that us at the forefront of corrections not the backseat. Systems that can work , transparency with serious incidents, less lawsuits, retaining good RN staff including me, care is delivered on time, data driven and hold payments unless benchmarks are not met.


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