Save electricity costs for State Offices

Save electricity costs for State Offices

What problem does it solve? In many State Offices, people forget to switch off the lights in meeting/conference rooms after the meeting is over. Even in the hallways/cubicles, light do not get switched off for very long time after the regular office hours. This adds up to the electricity cost substantially for the State. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Install Motion Sensors across all statewide offices and buildings so that the lights get turned off automatically when the areas are unoccupied. What is the anticipated impact? Advantages are many. 1) Reduce and conserve overall energy consumption thereby saving electricity 2) Saving electricity/maintenance costs incurred by the State 3) Environment friendly 4) Significant crime deterrence Above all, this supports/adheres to Governor's clean energy goal. And the moneys saved could be invested in many other Sate programs. Above link provides a study by US Department of Energy to support this idea.


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