IT Consultants

IT Consultants

What problem does it solve? Security of State of NJ IT infrastructure - IT Consultants What is your solution and who does it apply to? 1. Revise IT Titles and salaries as soon as possible 2. If needed separate IT Titles from other CSC positions so that the state can complete with private industry in offering completive salaries so we can get the best IT employees. 3. Review all current CAI Consultant positions, job responsibilities, titles, salaries 4. Setup and implement the hiring of IT workers to replace consultants at new competitive titles and salaries. 3. The above changes are crucial to the security of the State of NJ. For to long this area has been ignored and needs to be dealt with to ensure that the states IT infrastructure is safe and secure. What is the anticipated impact? By not addressing this crucial issue the state will continue to have increasing consultant costs, and our the vulnerability to our security and IT infrastructure. Issue with CAI Consultants - high turn over, consultants on limited USA visa's and consultants having access to sensitive state information. We need to protect the States Core which is our IT systems and infrastructure.


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