Lower Property Taxes By Centralizing School Tax Collection

Lower Property Taxes By Centralizing School Tax Collection

What problem does it solve? Reduction of the states notoriously high property taxes and a more transparent and equitable funding model. The current system carves out districts and each district has varying levels of tax base and localized tax collections with the state filling in the gaps. There are great extremes of tax burdens with some districts having dramatically lower rates than others. Additionally there is no statewide district map, there may be many properties lying quietly outside tax collection districts. What is your solution and who does it apply to? There are Roughly 1,372,203 public school students in NJ, with a $19,652 avg cost per student, resulting in a $27 billion total public school cost. Currently there are 3,064,645 households, not including properties like vacation homes, 2nd, 3rd homes. If only main households paid for schools, would be $8.8k each. There are 800,000 commercial properties for sale/rent currently in NJ with Vacancies below 4.5%, rounding vacancies up to 5% puts approximate # of commercial properties @ 16,000,000. If only commercial properties paid for schools, would be $1,688 each. Combined we have 19,064,645 Total commercial properties and households (leaving out vacation homes, 2nd, 3rd homes) If both commercial properties and households paid for schools that would be $1,417 each, if simply divided equally! A progressive scale would lower it more for those below the median and raise it for those above, still resulting in a massive dramatic savings for everyone who currently pays property taxes. What is the anticipated impact? I believe this would dramatically change the state on many different levels. first the main result would be the long sought relief from high property taxes for the majority of citizens. Secondly, it would greatly improved the school funding and resources throughout the state. Thirdly, and most likely the most beneficial for the future of our education system, It would bring transparency to a long debated and complicated issue.


This idea is impactful. We are one of the highest property tax state in the country. We have huge portion that goes into school tax. We may need to do some brain storming and data analysis and look at the option of removing school tax out of property tax and put it on out of paycheck! So basically think about everyone who earns a paycheck especially minimum wage going up will pay education\school tax out of paycheck. Also have employers match to it little bit! Doing some analysis will help.

The last few years, more people have left NJ than have moved to NJ. The number 1 reason for leaving the state is high property taxes. Many people will not buy a home in NJ because of the high and ever increasing property taxes. Also consolidate school districts: less superintendents, less superintendents staff, less deputy superintendents. Less staff means less money to pay. Teachers stay in school where they teach.School district they are under might change.

Property taxes are a headache and some efficiencies in this area should be explored.

End Human Resource personnel from deciding what accommodation will be provided to the disabled worker, whose request is not granted. Enable the DDHH branch of DHS to decide, not the employer's HR.

Families should pay the cost of educating their children, not the community.

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