Online state wide firearms licensing and registration.

Online state wide firearms licensing and registration.

What problem does it solve? Currently over 500 separate municipalities throughout the State are responsible for the conducting background investigations related to the licensing of individuals for firearms purchasing. The problem with this process is that many municipalities fail to catch information that would stop an individual from purchasing a firearm lawfully. This includes criminal and mental health records that are overlooked during the background process. It is a loophole we wish to close. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The New Jersey State Police Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU) is the central repository for firearms information regarding licensing for individuals and businesses for the State. As such we provide an education to all municipalities about the who, what, when, where and how to conduct a firearms background for an individual. We can not however look over their shoulder to ensure compliance with the law and administrative codes associated with this process. The Firearms Investigation Unit has recently launched a Statewide program to modernize the entire paper process by putting it all online. This new system is called the Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS) which went live in February of 2019. It has been a great success, however we could improve this program by incorporating it into a State run operation and greatly expand not only the efficiency of it but also the financial viability of the program. What is the anticipated impact? By allowing the State to take over the entire process we hope to accomplish several goals. First is the uniformity of the application process being through one statewide department instead of individual municipalities making various decisions based on that departments standards. Second is the turn around time of an individuals application. With the new FARS program we have already improved this process, however if the State ran this program, each individual, regardless of location , would be more likely to receive their firearm licenses at the same time another individual has applied. This is not the case because each municipal department dictates a timeline between 7 and 30 days (or more). The last point is an expansion of FIU to become a Section within the NJSP. The cost would be deferred by the increased revenue generated by taking over the processing of permits. With over 50K pistol permits issued each year alone the unit would be solvent almost immediately.


Very well said.

Maria - probably all state police employees of some fashion

A statewide takeover of the firearms permitting process would alleviate nearly all of the thousands of discrepancies the NICS Unit processes and denies at the point of sale for a firearm annually. The cost savings by doing it right the first time would be immeasurable. Authorizing local police departments to issue firearm permits is flawed since the laws and industry change rapidly. The NJSP should be assigned to run the program from a central office capable of collecting all the fees.

lol have any of you ever applied for a gun permit?

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