Assess mileage reimbursement vs. State cars

Assess mileage reimbursement vs. State cars

What problem does it solve? Possibly decrease the cost of State spending for mileage reimbursement. A comparison should be conducted between the cost of paying mileage/toll reimbursement for the use of personal cars with the cost of issuing a State owned vehicle to an employee to conduct official State business. The cost of the mileage reimbursement is slated to increase which will be costing the State more soon. Does it make more sense to have more State cars available to lessen the burden of the reimbursement costs? What is your solution and who does it apply to? By increasing the availability of State cars to State employees conducting official business, this may decrease monies spent. Or, assess how many State vehicles sit in parking garages - unused - and make those vehicles available for use. What is the anticipated impact? This could positively impact the budget for multiple departments within State government, possibly freeing up monies to use in other needed areas or to decrease the budge in general.


cost to purchase electric charging stations could be high compared to saving of mileage reimbursement-analysis needs to be done.

Reduce the size of State Division fleets and allow employee mileage reimbursement when local travel is required. and/or replace current vehicles with smart cars/electric vehicles to reduce cost/energy and improve quality of life.

I mentioned this previously in another thread prior. when using your own vehicle for state business the reimbursement rate is only 31 cents a mile I still believe, while the national Federal rate is 58 cents a mile. With fuel costs/fuel taxes ever so rising, the state reimbursement rate has lagged behind on this. Vehicles take in great amounts of wear and tear on pothole streets, in addition to just fuel prices. it should be up to date with Federal guidelines if possible.

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