Improve Health/Dental Benefits Enrollment by Direct Entry

Improve Health/Dental Benefits Enrollment by Direct Entry

What problem does it solve? Currently, the health/dental benefits enrollment process is paper-based, with employees handwriting information in boxes and copying and sending supporting documents to HR in order to enroll or make changes to selections. That information is then entered by someone, which could potentially result in incorrect information and also needs to be filed and stored or destroyed. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Creating an electronic registration format in myNewJersey or MBOS, would allow each employee to self-enter the information, reducing data entry time and potential errors, due to misspelled names and/or transposed dates of birth. Additionally, supporting documents could be uploaded to the system reducing paper waste. Employees can receive a receipt to review their information and make any needed changes prior to submission. What is the anticipated impact? Reduction in data entry on the part of the HR employees or benefits management staff. Reduce paper waste. Reduce potential errors in information, by using self-entry.


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