Residency for State Employees

Residency for State Employees

What problem does it solve? I believe it would help employees save money. Not every employee can afford to live in NJ with high rents. It would ease a burden on many NJ state workers. . What is your solution and who does it apply to? My solution is to let State workers live within an acceptable distance. Sister states, NY,PA,DE What is the anticipated impact? I think this would help State workers feel better about working OT because they want to not because they have to. It may eliminate drafting for OT. A lot of workers have a hardship because their spouse may work in NY or PA, even DE . I think that the law should be revised to allow workers hired before the law went into effect ,to leave the state , if it could help financially. Instead of losing a member of the team.


Requiring state employees to live in NJ limits your talent pool and almost certainly results in talented people not working for the state.

I think people that are paid by the citizens of NJ should have to give back to the State by living and shopping here.

By accepting your position with the state as a public service employee you dedicate your talents and skills to do your job to the best of your ability. If living somewhere more affordable can ease some of your financial burden, the choice should be up to you.

Whenever a State employee leaves his or her position it costs the State and therefore the taxpayers time and money in the form of delays, wasted training costs, and lost productivity. By removing this restriction the State could offset this possible liability. Removing this restriction also increases the size of the available talent pool, which helps the State benefit from the best and brightest.

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