Communication, Cooperation and Coordination

Communication, Cooperation and Coordination

What problem does it solve? My idea to this ongoing search is that our work process needs continuous improvement because there is a lot of idle time in most project management.The problem it will solve for New Jersey is that it will reduce waste of time in project completion, waste of human talents, waste of tax payers dollars, reduction in consistent negative criticism on government by New Jersey residents and it will achieve customer expectation which build trust on the government efforts serve New Jersey residents again What is your solution and who does it apply to? This idea applies to NJ Residents and Government. Solutions 1. Introduction of advance information system that will improve communication, corporation and coordination which will reduce idle time negligibly. 2. Introduction of monthly survey to New jersey residents to measure how our process is working which will help to management the improving process and understand customer expectation which help to stop negative criticism. 3. Introduction of 24hrs customer miniaturize report center which will help to alert government of new development so that it will help to support effective and efficient responsiveness. 4. Introduction of basic project management education to all division so every government worker will be aware of the project target which make everyone efficient. 5. Introduction of six sigma process in all division irrespective of the level so that it will support our continuous total quality control management. What is the anticipated impact? 1. It will save cost by reducing waste of resources resulted from idle time in our work process. 2. It will satisfy customer expectation because it will offer timely delivery of services which will reduce negative criticism. 3. It will help government to regain trust which will help resident to support government effort. 4. It will save more money from waste which part of the recovered fund from waste can be divert to compensate government employee for their efforts to support government mission and the other part can be allocate to expand government services which is part of government expectation.


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