ways to make more money for the state at the dmv

ways to make more money for the state at the dmv

What problem does it solve? We could make so much more money in the motor vehicles. We should be able to title everything boats and trailers of all sizes. I think we should charge more for licenses, and charge more for duplicates and chances for licenses as well too. This would help with the budge crisis we have here in new jersey and help with raising taxes that seems to be an everyday thing. this would also help make money to update the technology that is much needed in the agencies What is your solution and who does it apply to? please read above What is the anticipated impact? please read above


You would make a great politician..you already have five followers believing that raising fees will somehow solve the endless budgeting crisis this government always seems to have. We need spending and budgeting reform.

By titling current non-titled boats and trailers, the state would earn more money and customers would have actual titles to prove ownership. Currently, they only get a registration card (if they choose to register) but not a title and then when they go to sell the non-titled boat or trailer, they have to go through the hassle of writing up a bill of sale with all the correct info on it and have it notarized! If they don't have the required info on the bill of sale they are inconvenienced again!

Be advised that all vehicles that are titled can only be sold by licensed dealers. In this scenario, a trailer is considered a vehicle. So you then require every person or business that sells more than 3 a year to become licensed as a New and/or Used Motor Vehicle Dealer.

This would constitute an extremely regressive form of taxation. At least the Lottery - the tax on the desperate - is voluntary. The lack of a public transportation system means practically everyone must drive to survive, so this proposal suggests we extort more money from people, regardless of their ability to pay. Government is NOT a profit-making enterprise; persons regulated are NOT customers. If the government needs more funds, have the courage to raise progressive taxes or other solution.

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