Save the Pension

Save the Pension

What problem does it solve? The impending insolvency of the NJ Pension System. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Use some of the "Opportunistic Investments" (.58%) of the Pension Fund to invest in Bitcoin. This applies to all people in the NJ Pension system. What is the anticipated impact? Turning less than .58% of the pension fund into a value that equals or surpasses 10% of the current total value of the Pension Fund.


Thanks for your comment, interesting thoughts. I just want to make sure that the 7.5% they take from us every two weeks doesn't evaporate into the void of insolvency. There is a very high risk of this happening due to the mismanagement of the Pension by political leaders.

This can be done, but both sides need to compromise. I think the best solutions is to have a hybrid pension where you get a fixed pension and also a 401 (k) managed by the private sector that is funded partially by the State and employee contribution would be optional such as a differed comp plan right now.

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