Ditch the state provided cell phones

Ditch the state provided cell phones

What problem does it solve? Many employees required to carry a state cell phone also have a personal cell phone. Cell phones and their maintenance/data plans are expensive and require dedicate resources to care for and disseminate these products. What is your solution and who does it apply to? All employees who are required to carry a cell phone would purchase a phone and carrier of their choice and the state would provide a reimbursement for the device/service plan. Certain specifications that the phone is required to have can be stipulated and only if the employees purchases a phone/data plan with these specifications will they qualify for the reimbursement. What is the anticipated impact? This will reduce cost to the state in purchasing and maintaining cell phone equipment that is redundant to personal devices already owned by the employee. This would reduce employee resources needed to oversee cell phone programs. Employees would only have to carry one cell phone that could serve both their personal and professional lives (as is done in many business settings).


This option may be good for workers who do not directly deal with confidential information and direct service to individuals. Families that are served should not have access to a worker's personal cell phone number and it should be the right of that worker to have a designated work phone for that specific use.

I would be worried about my phone being sequestered by the court if anything goes down

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