Revise Travel Policies and Procedures

Revise Travel Policies  and Procedures

What problem does it solve? The current state travel policies fails to provide assistance for those that conduct required state monitoring and events in various parts of the state of New Jersey. There is no policy that supports overnight stays when traveling beyond normal commuting time on state required travel. State workers can travel over 100 miles one-way to provide services to clients. There needs to be a policy that reduces the travel hardship and reduce the occurrence of motor vehicle accidents and mortality. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Revise the current travel policy to enable those on approved and required state travel to be reimbursed for overnight stays beyond their normal commute time and in preparation of required state events. The policy should be stated that whenever a state level responsibility occurs outside of the normal commuting time and reporting station there should be immediate consideration to make sure that the employee has the supports in place to conduct the state level responsibility effectively and efficiently. Requiring employees to travel back and forth 200 miles per day impacts on employee functions. There needs to be policy related to state workers, similar to commercial drivers that proposed restrictions under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The policy should look at the safety of state workers and work place health. What is the anticipated impact? The anticipated impact: Enhances service delivery to recipients of state and federally supported agencies and entities. Enables the required state responsibility to be performed effectively and efficiently. Reduces road and traffic hazardous through attentiveness and alertness. Enables the state-worker to avoid circumstanced beyond control and be better prepared to provide services to state clients. Reduces the potential for unintentional accidents and mortalities.


This is specifically for those that do regular work in monitoring and professional regional planning. The state of NJ is represented of 21 counties, county-travel can be tough. If you live in Sussex county and travel to Trenton daily, then you are assigned to a 3-day monitoring in Cape May county that starts at 8 a.m. the distance is 187 miles one way or 3 hrs. and 23 minutes. Question: What time would you leave in the morning? Will there be any potential problems on the way?

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