Master Database for all Agencies

Master Database for all Agencies

What problem does it solve? Agencies trying to scramble to find information, zip codes, policies, jurisdictions, agency codes, vendors, contracts, licensing, and so much more. One master database for Executive and Judicial branches. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Create a master database so all agencies can pull information from. For instance, The office of Administrative Law can search this data base for all their cases/matters that pertain to any of the above mentioned areas, and Vice versa. What is the anticipated impact? It will cut down on cost, time, research and creation of said databases by multiple agencies trying to configure and create their own. Why continue to recreate the wheel if it already exists if we can utilize one, add to it and improve it?


Agencies are always searching for things that should be at their fingertips at this day and age. With as much false information as there is on google, or the internet, why don't we become our own accurate data center. this way we will not have conflicting information and then have to worry about disputing information if it is all in sync from the same source.

All agencies will need to be on board. the hurdle is having all agencies convinced in sharing data. the fear of something new, the risk of potential PII. a challenge will be over discussing a potential idea that will benefit many. in all challenges one must consider if the ends will justify the means.

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