Alternative Pension Loan Repayment

Alternative Pension Loan Repayment

What problem does it solve? It solves many State Workers financial burdens. It provides an alternative to pay the pension loan other than cash deduction from paycheck. It will help many state workers that are in financial crisis, just simple seek to become debt free or just want to retire early. It reduces their stress, become more happy workers as their financial stress is no longer a burden. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Provide overtime work for all State Workers that have pension loans. It does not have to be in their same department that they work in. They will need to provide the overtime hours to the pension loan department. This hours will equal to a check that will go directly to Pension Department and reduce the State Worker Loan Pension. The original check does not get touch. What is the anticipated impact? A State Worker who is less financially burden by a Pension Loan. An alternative to paying for a pension loan.


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