Multi-agency Cloud procurement

Multi-agency Cloud procurement

What problem does it solve? Procurement delays What is your solution and who does it apply to? If we have a multi-agency cloud procurement then anyone can upload a procurement to the cloud. Once it is uploaded it will start the flow. It will go to the supervisor for approval then in the next flow a notification will be sent out to OIT and Treasury. Once the approving agency accepts responsibility for this procurement the next flow will be interoffice approvals and so on. The submitting agency can then login and check the status and see if there are any delays, further documentation that is needed, etc. What is the anticipated impact? This tool will keep procurement moving and keep everyone off phone/email checking where their procurement is.


This is a great idea and I wonder how different it is from NJSTART (maybe not different at all). I dont have access because I'm not in procurement but each agency's intranet could provide this interface with Treasury's system if the platforms connected.

This solution would allow users to see where their procurement is in the process and if there are any issues. You can address issues right away. You can potentially add other users to the process incase other approvals are needed or if this procurement impacts their agency. I work for OIT at OAL so when I procure hardware for OAL they have no idea where their hardware is until I tell them. When the flows starts if it impacts 1 agency or multiple those agencies can be notified.

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