Employee Wellness & Fitness Program for all Departments

Employee Wellness & Fitness Program for all Departments

What problem does it solve? First, stressful jobs result in a rise of employee health care costs that ultimately influence the State’s budget. Second, employee turnover is high which causes frequent disruptions within the State Departments and loss of productivity due to repeated training of new staff. Third, low employee morale can be a severe concern to the State Departments. The program will lead to lower costs for health benefits, increase productivity, and result in healthier and happier employees. What is your solution and who does it apply to? I hire a third-party company whose expertise is in the creation and implementation of wellness programs for large organizations. The company customizes a program for the State Departments based on their specific needs. They conduct surveys on employee interests and the needs of the Departments such as activities, educational classes, support groups, and an annual wellness fair. They obtain baseline information of the employees’ current health statuses through biometric screenings and a risk assessment test. The company synthesizes the data to individualize programs across the Departments. They monitor the effectiveness of the program and conduct cross-comparisons between costs and savings. Specifically, evaluators from the company coordinate direct involvement as participants so they can observe employee reaction and identify issues. Employees complete questionnaires every three months to assess the level of changes. HR will conduct annual reviews on medical claims comparisons. What is the anticipated impact? Enrollment on the Employee Wellness and Fitness Program will promote healthy lifestyles beyond the doctor offices. The program will be located on work sites, allowing opportunities to network with other employees and offer support systems across the State Departments. Incentives, tools, social supports, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors under the guidance of the company will benefit employees. They will provide the foundation in training and coaching for the employees. Once the State Departments master the program, we will maintain the continuity of the regimen ourselves. In closing, the Employee Wellness and Fitness Program that is implemented and appropriately evaluated will lead to lower costs for health benefits, increase productivity, and result in healthier and happier employees. After all, “physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual ability" – John F. Kennedy


Also would be helpful to bring in a State nurse or Physician Assistant. It would save employees from having to use their time to take off for checking blood pressure, going home early for headaches, and preventing things from spreading such as pink eye or strep.

Some people walk at lunch. This idea can open the doors for great possibilities in regards to improved or maintained health.

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