Reinstate Alternate Workweek Program (AWP) for NJDOE

Reinstate Alternate Workweek Program (AWP) for NJDOE

What problem does it solve? Improves work place efficiency and staff morale as well as reduces traffic congestion and What is your solution and who does it apply to? AWP applies to all staff that is not on leave from the workplace and/or recipients of donated time. What is the anticipated impact? The Alternative Work Week Program enables all employees to take a day off every two weeks by working longer hours on the remaining work days of the same pay period. Supervising staff is responsible for ensuring office coverage remains intact and selection of day off is based on seniority. This program requires accurate record keeping.


Terrific idea

How would we keep track of employee work hours? What happens if our scheduled day off falls on a holiday? Does our vacation, sick and personal hours increase since our work days will no longer be 7 hrs? How would the 70 hour work week be split?

People dread coming to work on Mondays because they feel the week end was too short. Having an extra day off will boost morale, increase productivity, reduce traffic congestion and reduce absenteeism . The idea is feasible because other state offices and the private sector have successfully implemented it.

Yes, this is feasible it should be year round and consistent with other state offices. The benefits and cost-savings are tremendous. The staggering traffic in SJ is horrible.

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