Helping the State and New Jersey Families

Helping the State and New Jersey Families

What problem does it solve? Save the State money on heating, air conditioning,and electricity. Give Families a financial break on childcare on Fridays. Provide more quality time for families towards the weekends. Boost the economy because folks will have full paychecks and more time to spend it. Provide folks with a little extra relaxation time from the busy week. What is your solution and who does it apply to? A four day work week. Staff would have a choice of "3" start times. It would apply to all Non-Essential employees of the State or at least the Dept. of Human Services/ Division of Developmental Disabilities. It could possibly be tweaked to include all State employees. What is the anticipated impact? Savings for the State and more quality time for families.


Some people may not see it as feasible because they are resistant to change.

This idea would work because other States are implementing ideas such as this already. I think folks would welcome less stress in their lives and more family time.

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