Generate Funding: Workplace Wellness Gym - Cost Savings

Generate Funding: Workplace Wellness Gym - Cost Savings

What problem does it solve? A workplace wellness gym with equipment and café would be warmly welcomed for those that cannot get to the gym at night. Charging a nominal fee can generate income for underserved children and rebuild neighborhood infrastructure. State workers could use the gym during lunch or at night and improve health and lower health care cost. A series of programs can be offered ranging from yoga to fun Zumba classes. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution enables the state to generate funding for underserved communities, school projects, and infrastructure projects. The health and fitness business is lucrative why shouldn't the state of NJ restructure the way they do business and introduce this to it's employees. Many state workers have membership, however we don't use them because of the work-life-balance triology factor. Corporations such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield have gyms for employees. Is it time for state government to not only work smarter, but to exercise smarter. What is the anticipated impact? The generation of funds would be filtered through pecial projects around the state; dilapidated infrastructure, underserved communities and services for children in need. In addition, it can lower the stress and state worker absenteeism rates due to chronic illnesses.


It can generate funding to rebuild infrastructure and services for underserved communities.

Many state leased building have empty spaces that can easily convert to a wellness gym. As an alternative, the empty spaces can be offered to gym franchises as is present in some current state offices.

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