Encouraging Coding for State Workers

Encouraging Coding for State Workers

What problem does it solve? By educating State Workers on how to code, it will allow employees to stay relevant for the economy of the future and will allow them to find efficiencies in their own, current roles. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Provide education and working groups to learn how to code (languages such as Python). This can apply to all State and Agency workers that want an opportunity to stay competitive in the economy of the future and want to use this knowledge to improve their tasks in the current Departments and Divisions. What is the anticipated impact? It is hard to measure the precise impact but the potential for vast gains are huge. As workers are educated in coding, they can eventually begin applying this knowledge to their own areas. Tremendous efficiencies can be made in areas such as data mining, data visualization, etc. which can allow for improved information and better decision making in all areas.


I like the idea, but it's likely to be a waste of time and money unless students can immediately begin coding in the new language in their everyday work.

Any repeatable task that can be achieved with Python would be a huge time saver. I've used it and have saved countless hours over the years. The return on investment could have a big impact.

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