Reduce printing costs by using personal identification

Reduce printing costs by using personal identification

What problem does it solve? Currently, we use printers at all state sites that print out cover pages, require some kind of stacking arrangement, and then one's printout can be seen and accessed by others. The cost of cover pages is one waste. Another is when someone takes your printout, accident or not, and you have to reprint it. The stacking of printouts are very haphazard, some printouts are never picked up, some are mixed with someone else's. If you accidentally print something out, you often cannot cancel it. What is your solution and who does it apply to? There are printers that require you to scan your ID badge before they print. This would address some, if not all, of the issues above and would eliminate cover pages since you are standing there to get your printout. What is the anticipated impact? There will be a cost to replace existing printers but possibly that can be done in an "age out" manner so that all the cost is not up front. Additionally, this could be tried at one agency to see how it works.


Interesting that some State Agencies have already implemented this and some have no idea. Perhaps the innovation should be that State Agencies have a forum to share money-saving ideas among themselves? If two Agencies are doing this, what about the rest?

Department of Education already has this print service.

A Managed Print Services initiative is currently being implemented at the Department of Health. Security issues, toner usage, paper costs, and usage are being evaluated by Hewlett Packard staff. The current print environment is being reduced and standardized. Secure HP Pull printing will enable staff to print from any device at various DOH locations using their Department issued identification card. Costs for toner, paper, maintenance and help desk support are expected to be greatly reduced .

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