Opening Coffee Shops in Municipal Libraries

Opening Coffee Shops in Municipal Libraries

What problem does it solve? Libraries are becoming less desirable public places to visit. Commercial bookstores with coffee shops are the trend for enticing students and people to peruse through books in all genres or to complete assignments/projects for school. Also, the innovation of technology allows students and people to borrow eBooks or view articles on the Internet, resulting in a decrease in the flow of patrons in libraries. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The state can generate revenue from public libraries by leasing spaces to Starbucks, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts or other coffee shops. The state will earn monthly income from tenants (coffee shops). Influenced by commercial bookstores with coffee shops, the libraries can transform their current appearances by designing the building as a "home environment." For example, soft chairs, couches, bean bag chairs for the youths, tables, desks, floor lamps, and live plants and flowers accentuate the atmosphere. The students and people will appreciate the relaxing environment while sipping on hot beverages, eating soup/sandwiches/desserts, and completing assignments for school or leisure reading. What is the anticipated impact? As mentioned, the state will generate revenue by adding coffee shops in local libraries. The students and people would enjoy a relaxing environment while encouraging reading habits in them. The libraries would regain popularity, and the people would appreciate the value of libraries in their communities.


The only drawback I can see is; like Starbucks and other similar shops it will draw some who will use it as just a hang out, gathering spot or place for possible derelicts.

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