State Children Theatre Program and Production

State Children Theatre Program and Production

What problem does it solve? I would propose a program to the state by developing a curriculum for children to participate in the performing arts field. Children need guidance and structured activities to gain the necessary skills in socialization and vocation in the performing arts. While there are performing arts camps, they may not occur all-year long. Children who have interests in the performing arts can benefit from gaining invaluable skills and experiences in the production of plays. This program is all-year long. What is your solution and who does it apply to? I would develop a curriculum for the program that allows children to express themselves and enhance their interests and abilities in the performing arts. I would ask professionals in the performing arts, engineering, construction, carpentry, and music fields to volunteer their skills, knowledge, and time to teach children. Once the state approves the curriculum and I have teams of volunteering professionals from each county, I coordinate town meetings to introduce the performing arts program. Overhead costs would include the materials to market the performing arts program (i.e., website, flyers, brochures, and rental spaces for meetings during the recruitment stage). Additional overhead costs will include rental spaces to hold classes. I would ask for donations of materials (i.e., costumes, props, stage construction) from Home Depot, Lowes, furniture stores, and paint stores. The state will hold various theatre productions throughout the year and generate revenue from ticket sales. What is the anticipated impact? The children who are interested in the performing arts will have the opportunities to develop and master skills in theatre, dance, and singing. The program will be invaluable for the children by increasing their self-esteem, mastering the skills in performing arts, dance, and voice, improving socialization skills, and appreciating the love for theatre. The state will generate revenues from ticket sales throughout the year. The state can also hold "Tony Award" ceremonies and have the people vote on several shows that highlight the children's talents. The Tony Awards ceremony will also generate more revenue for the state. All the proceeds (100%) will fund education and scholarships for colleges, vocational schools, and performing/visual arts specialized schools. The volunteering professionals from performing arts, engineering, science & technology, carpentry, music/voice, and graphics and special effects areas will appreciate and value the community efforts they provide for the children.


There are a number of New Jersey organizations that already offer perfuming arts programs to children all over the state.

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