Free or Affordable Child Care

Free or Affordable Child Care

What problem does it solve? Child care is very expensive and there are many demands daycare center place onto parents if they need to leave their children in daycare for longer hours due to work. There are penalty fees if a child is picked up late. This is very frustrating for parents who are trying to earn a living to support their families. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Employers to provide an in-site aftercare program for their employee’s children or contract with a local daycare who will understand the demands of their job and can provide affordable pricing for state employees. Perhaps parents can unite and share the babysitting tasks and help each other with child care. Using college students who are enrolled in social work or early childhood education can intern as sitters. College students can earn credits towards college. Remember it takes a community to raise a child. What is the anticipated impact? Employees will feel at ease knowing their children are being well taken care of while they work. They can focus and work extra hours to get the job done.


Daycares are also closed on days when parents have to work. By there being a daycare for state workers, we will have access to child care and not have to take off of work to stay home with the child

I'm thinking maybe contracting with local daycare centers may be the way to go. It may not be feasible to have on-site child care in State offices. I like the idea of having child care facilities that matches the State's work days.

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