Incorrect Commercial Vehicle Registration

Incorrect Commercial Vehicle Registration

What problem does it solve? It will allow commercial vehicles that are improperly registered as passenger vehicle to receive the proper inspection. They way it is now a vehicle shows up at the inspection lane with a clearly marked commercial vehicle but has passenger license plates it receives a the incorrect inspection. It should receive a safety inspection. What is your solution and who does it apply to? To have these vehicle owners sent a letter telling the they have been flagged for incorrect registration and they need to physically show up and prove this is not a commercial vehicle. They can just acknowledge this at an agency and fix the problem or they want to dispute it they can bring the vehicles to specialty site for the confirmation of this. I work with the Mobile Inspection Team in South Jersey and see the improper registered vehicles every day. I would thick its a much bigger issue up in the northern part of the state. What is the anticipated impact? Obviously it will generate substantial revenue due to the fact it costs more money to register a commercial vehicle. It will also insure those vehicle get the proper safety inspection they need.


This proposal appears to be easily implementable and a great source of potential additional state revenue and public service.

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