On-Going De-escalation and Culture Sensitivity Training

On-Going De-escalation and Culture Sensitivity Training

What problem does it solve? Coaching Law Enforcement on Cultural Sensitivity and how to De-escalate a situation instead of escalating, will minimize Police brutality and Civilian shooting deaths! This education would assist with oversight, as well as assist in building a better community connection between Civilians and law enforcement. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Select a panel of experts of all ethnicities to deliver seminars and training to all New Jersey Law Enforcement agencies. The training would be mandatory and on-going, and would include cultural sensitivity and de-escalation methods. This will apply to all Law Enforcement Agencies and their counterparts. The highest to the lessor ranking personnel would be required to attend. What is the anticipated impact? To bring about a noticeable, positive change on how Law Enforcement deals with different Ethnicities and Cultures during dire situations, and to prevent abrupt shootings. This will hopefully help communities restore some faith in those individuals whom have taken an oath to protect and serve.


The challenge would be that some people will be resistant to the change. They would want to maintain the status quo and not have an open mind.

Tolerance and communication is very much needed these days by all people and especially Law Enforcement. Nobody gets to choose what they look like or what skin complexion they will have, folks need to understand that we are far more alike than we are different. We all basically just want to be understood and not pre-judged or stereotyped because of what we look like or whom strangers perceive us to be.

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