Micro-Purchase Platform

Micro-Purchase Platform

What problem does it solve? Our current procurement model is a barrier to innovation and does not leverage today's technology to the benefit of the State, the tax-payers, or New Jersey businesses (especially small women and minority owned businesses). What is your solution and who does it apply to? A micro-purchasing platform, in the form of a reverse auction bidding system for open source software development (e.g. purchase level - $5k and under) would encourage new vendors to work on open source solutions to small problems that would be too cumbersome to address with traditional procurement methods. What is the anticipated impact? The positive impacts of adoption of a micro-purchase platform are numerous: (1) Fully transparent to build public trust and enhance (2) Micro platform aims to solve clear and contained problems, helping to meet user needs in an agile efficient way (3) Increase vendor participation in public procurement, with a particular focus on increasing minority, women, and veteran owned businesses participation (4) Automate decisions to foster confidence in procurements (5) Improve and foster innovative culture in Government


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