Alternative Energy/water source

Alternative Energy/water source

What problem does it solve? Increases usable water availability; Increases usable salt supply; What is your solution and who does it apply to? A Desalination plant along coastal NJ powered by Solar and Wind energy; the potable water produced will be piped/pumped into nearby reservoirs for farming or recreation; the bi product salt, if experts determine edible, sold to a vendor as sea salt, or if not determined edible, sold at cost in state as road salt, and sold interstate for profit. What is the anticipated impact? Using Energy grants... First, construction and manufacturing jobs; secondly, a water source made available for recreation, forest fire fighting, and to farmers in need of irrigation (short term-trucked, long term-piped). Third, a source of salt...road or table salt... both marketable goods; This concept would be state of the art, and perhaps copied by California to replenish the depleted reservoirs out west.


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