Sick time buy back

Sick time buy back

What problem does it solve? Applies to employees who have accrued 20 or more sick days. With pre-approval and pre-application, allow an employee to sell back one week (5 days) of sick time. This MIGHT stem the use of questionable sick time and encourage employees to allow time to build up. During the last pay period of November, and first pay period of December, these transactions would be allowed. A) Encourages employees to work, B) reduces the sick time in coffers; C) Pays sick time/ current rate, not future rate. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The added one week of taxed payroll revenue would be used at the discretion of the employee; reduce debt, retail spending, vacation, etc. What is the anticipated impact? Pays sick time at current value, not at an increased value in ten to twenty years. Added income could provide a healthy impact on local economy. Employees encouraged to allow sick time to accrue, meaning more time at work.


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