Please think about letting State workers live outside Jersey

Please think about letting State workers live outside Jersey

What problem does it solve? Some of us may have experienced a hardship or death in the family or some other disastrous life event that prevents us from living in New Jersey, and we may have to live with friends or family in another State. Since we don't want to be punished for living outside the State, I suggest to abolish the New Jersey First Act to make our State employees able to move around to where they are comfortable living. What is your solution and who does it apply to? It would allow employees to live where they can afford if something happens to impact their living circumstances in New Jersey. What is the anticipated impact? It would make employees a lot less nervous about moving to another State as they could keep their State jobs without problems.


i have never seen the rationale to limit State workers to live only in NJ

NJ is nestled between two of the largest cities in North America, cities that are home to hundreds of thousands of educated, modern professionals. The protectionist NJFA needlessly restricts state government from accessing this pool of talent by creating a huge, artificial hurdle for those job candidates: In addition to excelling in their chosen fields, they must also be willing to uproot themselves and their families to work for NJ. In reality, a NJ Transit ticket is all they need.

Gov. Murphy already relaxed the rules for NJ Transit hiring. I'm surprised he hasn't repealed this entirely.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Phase-out the PA resident employee as PA employees with a NJ sourced salary legally do not pay NJ withholding taxes. Also NJ State sales, fuel, and sin taxes can be legally avoided here and instead incurred in PA.

Residency restriction doesn't make sense. Provide a better living environment, low income and property tax, everyone going to choose NJ. Looking forward for freedom to choose location where I want to live.

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