Hire Replacement Employee to Overlap with Retiring Employee

Hire Replacement Employee to Overlap with Retiring Employee

What problem does it solve? This solves a major problem where extensive amounts of experience and knowledge are lost when people retire and are unable to train their replacement. Most of the time new employees are replacing employees who left over a year before the new employee was hired and in that time gap important knowledge is lost. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution is simple. Implement a fast track hiring process for employees who will replace a current employee such that the new employee will have some overlap with the retiring employee so the retiring employee can pass on their wealth of knowledge and experience first hand. This applies to every single department in the state because every department suffers from this level of inefficiency. What is the anticipated impact? This will greatly increase the efficiency of the State by reducing redundant learning where new employees have to essentially start over when they replace someone. The State puts a significant investment into it's employees and by allowing people to retire before they can train their replacement the state loses a significant amount of that investment. The nominal amount of money spent during the overlap of the two employees will pay for itself several times over when the new employee doesn't have to spend the first year learning things that could have been covered in a week or two by the retiring employee. The State saves money, improves efficiency, and overall becomes a better place to live for all residents.


Many employees are specialized and when they leave, no one else in their agency knows how to do their role.

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