Web based social services application for the Public

Web based social services application for the Public

What problem does it solve? Allow for users to submit applications for social services and get up to date information concerning their cases and any required documents or renewal actions; saves times in line at the offices and people with disabilities, health issues or with children can conveniently do from home or facility. Saves on processing times and streamlines services more efficiently. What is your solution and who does it apply to? A web based program that allows constituents to do actions that do not require an person to person appointment. The program will allow access to the constituents case, case status, and any alerts that need immediate attention. The program will also allow for constituents to relay messages, documents, and feedback to their case coordinators. Case coordinators, supervisors and any other state employees will be able to pull reports, such as status, newly assigned cases, action needed, and query data that will give a snapshot of the caseload and any areas in need of improvement. This will apply to any constituent requesting or currently receiving social services assistance. What is the anticipated impact? Save time, money, and streamlines services more efficiently for both constituents and the state.


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