Create database of developed applications to share

Create database of developed applications to share

What problem does it solve? Currently each Dept/Division share common needs that require IT application (ie: State Vehicle - Tracking Reporting to Treasury). Often the reporting requirements are the same, yet each entity is left to develop their own, or worst pay an outside vendor to create it for them $$$. Creating an online catalog of functioning apps would expedite/standardize compliance, while saving $$$/time and stop redundant IT efforts. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Creation of an online inventory of applications that address IT issues shared by Departments Divisions. What is the anticipated impact? Reduce cost of developing redundant applications; free up workers to address other issue; stop drain funds into the pockets of outside IT services groups.


Completely support this. Centralized digital apps have the potential for enormous cost savings and improve internal customer service and satisfaction!

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