Telecommuting-see "Who Needs a Desk?"

Telecommuting-see "Who Needs a Desk?"

What problem does it solve? Leasing ever more office space for work stations and cubicles. Tennessee cut real estate rental costs by 6.5mil in 1st 2 yrs implemented. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Utilize common procedures and software security measures to implement telecommuting, as other states, such as Maryland and Tennessee have done for employees. Can be used across many perhaps all departments. Would apply to many if not all employees to varying degrees. Would require fundamental shift in management's focus, as article indicates. What is the anticipated impact? Less leased space/utility costs for holding work space for all employees, at all times. Leased space can be dramatically reduced. Some state owned buildings can be sold. Reduced utilities expenses. Other benefits: improved productivity; reduction in sick-leave use; reduced traffic congestion. See website: "Who Needs a Desk? Tennessee takes Telework to the Max" by K. Barrett & R. Greene, Nov 2018.


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