Department Google Search Engine

Department Google Search Engine

What problem does it solve? It improves internal customer service for each state department. Shareholders and other employees are increasingly frustrated with the lack of information and departments to find resolutions. Responses are slow because information is not available. Solves the problem that when employees, knowledge does not leave also. Reduces frustrations for internal and external customers and overall better opinion of state government efficiency and productivity. It will match people with needed information. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Doogle will act like Google for internal state staff. Solution applies to all of internal state staff. DHS is one of largest state departments and function of departments, services, or resources are in silos because staff do not have appropriate tools necessary to perform basic tasks. Shrarepoint, portal pages, etc. have a single administrators and information is often outdated since administrators leave and are not replaced. Contacts, processes, forms, etc. are not updated, leaving staff unaware of changes and inaccurate information/resources. Doogle search engine gives information about the services, forms, department/unit contacts and agency and division descriptions based on keywords and information (similar to Google). This will make more information more accessible for internal customers and increase productivity and reduce time of calling, searching, etc of necessary information.Staff is more effective and efficient when given the tools necessary to do the job. What is the anticipated impact? It removes the need for staffing of help desks and phone customer service, improve overall communication within the department. It will be accessible to all state staff with appropriate permissions. This idea will reduce frustrations from internal customer service not knowing who to contact, reduce external customer service frustration by providing them with much needed resources and supports and overall improving the reputation of state agencies. As a user of state customer services numbers, because of high call volume, calls go unanswered or automated systems disconnect callers without resolution. It will increase productivity for each department, and empower staff to be fore efficient and effective for internal and external customers. So much time is wasted looking online for contact numbers, leaving people on hold, researching forms, and sending emails. This will promote productive staff and improve reputation of state government.


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