Free Education Library for NJ Businesses and Employees

Free Education Library for NJ Businesses and Employees

What problem does it solve? Helping NJ companies increase their sales by helping them identify export markets for their products is a reactionary activity and usually conducted on a one-by-one basis. What is your solution and who does it apply to? One idea would be to have a series of information blogs, slides, articles, webinars or all of the above that companies can be directed to complete prior to engaging on a one-on-one service call with an International Trade Advocate. The series of information would be based on current or historic trade data to NJ top 25 export markets with contact information for each market. It may also be appealing to some of the State Employees. What is the anticipated impact? Many basic questions of exporting or selling abroad can be answered via a computer or website. This would allow International Trade Advocates to concentrate more on level 2 or level 3 requests from companies or be able to speak with several companies at once instead of one at a time.


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