Flexible Work Week

Flexible Work Week

What problem does it solve? Employee Productivity, Morale and Retention What is your solution and who does it apply to? This applies for everyone who may need and/or desire a flexible vs set schedule, but specifically this option is aimed at, and would be highly beneficial for single and working mothers. What is the anticipated impact? Less dependency on sick and vacation leave and minimal disruption of official duties. Employees with children, especially young ones often have to adjust their schedule to accommodate the yearly school schedule; closings and days off always have an impact on the workday. Some people simply do not have an outside support system to help in this area, and have not choice but to adhere to the universally standard school schedule. Flexible working hours will certainly help families to tailor their working schedule around school closings; for example allowing an employee a window to make mid-day arrangements for child care without impacting the daily operations and expectations of the employer is advantageous for everyone involved. In short: 1. The child is picked up and cared for. 2. The employee is not stressed over what to do with their child. 3. The employee can still produce a full day's worth of work.


Sounds good

This would also help with traffic and parking, as not all employees would arrive or leave at the same time.

it has been proven that people work better when they are less stressed. Child care and ensuring the safety of your child while working is a tremendous stressor. A person should bot be penalized in the work place for being a single parent and depleting sick/vacation time when unnecessary. A person should be allowed to make a flexible schedule which caters to the safety of their child and avoids a call placed to the Division on a single parent who is a worker for the Division.

An excellent idea for many reasons! A 4 day work week also means each state employee makes 2 less trips/week on our state roadways, reducing congestion! Considering the amount of state workers who's offices are in or near Trenton a 4-day work week or flex time options offer considerable positives for easing the commute. Especially if agencies vary or rotate the day/s of week off.

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