Ample Handicap Parking

Ample Handicap Parking

What problem does it solve? The problem is that not all State office buildings have enough handicapped parking spaces. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Conduct an audit to see how many people in each building possess a handicapped parking permit. Ensure that there are ample designated handicapped parking spaces for each State office building to provide assistance to those employees who have difficulty walking to and from parking garages. What is the anticipated impact? Employees who are recovering from surgeries or illnesses could potentially return to work faster after having an illness or surgery if they know they don't have to walk from a distant parking garage which would positively impact productivity while reducing the amount of leave time taken. Currently in some buildings, there are only several handicapped parking spaces which fill up before 8:00am which requires the person to arrive at work well before their shift starts if they want to get a space. For those with handicaps, this is a daily issue and frustration. We have an aging workforce and along with that comes disabilities to varying degrees. It would make coming to work much more pleasant if handicapped workers didn't have to rush in the hopes of grabbing a spot before they are all full. There is nothing like being in pain, or on crutches, and seeing all of the spots full, knowing you now have to face a long walk to the office from a garage.


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