Guest Speaker Program

Guest Speaker Program

What problem does it solve? NJ has hundreds of subject matter experts and knowledgeable staff sprinkled in every office in every department, but unless you are directly in need or accidentally bump into it, you may never find it. What is your solution and who does it apply to? A "casual" guest speaker program of state employees from other departments that circulate to different offices and speak on subjects that we may never hear about or engage with. For example our expertise in exporting NJ goods and services around the world is always a topic of interest to others. However, I would enjoy having a guest speaker from the State Police Crime Lab, a representative from the Division on Women at Community Affairs, or someone from Fish and Wildlife. What is the anticipated impact? There are so many public services available through the State (which includes all of us employees as members of the public). Most services one may never need, however being a source of information for someone in a moment of need is immeasurable.


This could really save money for each agency that doesn't have a large staff. For example, for our agency that is small, it would be helpful to have a speaker from another department speak to our managers and supervisors about the State Discipline process. No contractor needed, and the speaker from another department would have first hand knowledge of the state processes, procedures and rules.

Internal marketing of state staff skills is an excellent idea, however I recommend a State continuing education program to provide classes on a variety of state subjects to state contractors, facilities, & academic institutions. A minimal cost to register for this coursework can off set state administrative costs.

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