Supervisor (Inspector 1) Codes and Standards, BHI

Supervisor (Inspector 1) Codes and Standards, BHI

What problem does it solve? This will solve the back log of Inspections, Reduces Inspection times by 2/3 rds What is your solution and who does it apply to? My solution is Speech to text software implemented on the inspection level. It cuts the time of an inspection from arrival at property to submittal of results down to a fraction of the time it takes now. What is the anticipated impact? The impact would be increased productivity with little effort for Inspectors. Reduces computer time, the back log of inspections would disappear. Phone calls to bureau of housing would decrease because of the back log decreasing. Revenue would increase at least X 2 which could be significant. Customer service would improve. This can be used in other areas of State service, multiplying the savings and revenue and realizing a significant amount of money.


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