Improving our community

Improving our community

What problem does it solve? Our state needs to provide more options for training, education and family support services. NJ has a large population of undocumented families and parents who are either unemployed or have a low level of education. Drug use is also a large factor which leads to crime, abuse of children and domestic violence. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Additional support services and activities such as ESL and GED classes, Job training and rehabilitation services will help families move forwards and excel. Our public schools would also benefit from addition extra curricular activities and sports which help to motivate and mold young minds. Sports and activities also keep kids stay off the streets and help them prepare for a successful future. Lack of employment and resources lead to frustration, drug or alcohol use, domestic violence and abuse of children. Adding supports and training services in our community will help families improve their way of life. What is the anticipated impact? To obtain funding for the community I serve as a DCPP worker. Hudson County is in need of resources and additional funding for community agencies that will help accomplish family success. Funding for public schools is also imperative as music, art, math, science, job training and sports help mold our youth and prepare them for a successful future.


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